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My name is Omaste Witkowski and I founded Artworks, and The Art Drop Shop Gallery, in 2012 to help people quickly and easily find unique, top quality and affordable artwork to fit any interior and/or interior design style. 

I am a photographer and digital mixed media artist who specializes in contemporary handblown glass photos, Pacific Northwest Landscapes, and mixed media photo-paintings. 

My fine art work started with creating art pieces for interior designs and home decor in 2012 and I had my first gallery show in November of that year. This first experience was successful and I was hooked. 

Free consultations are always available online, and onsite locally in the Boise, Idaho and Treasure Valley area. 

On Location at the Hotel Rio Vista, Winthrop Wa


A professional background as an Architectural Photographer using DSLR cameras, HDR techniques, Adobe software, and innovative processing tools led me to my passion for creating fine art.

My Architectural work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Fine Homebuilding, Green Building and other building industry publications, brochures, and websites.  

One long winter day, I started experimenting with these same HDR techniques but instead of rooms, I took multiple exposure, macro photos of light coming through handblown glass ornaments.

These photos captured a full range of color and light along with a variety of abstract shapes, textures, and details. Each one is unique and they also form the foundation for my mixed media work. 

You will find my art and photography in multiple online and offline galleries, corporate settings, hotels, rental properties, individual homes, and on many industry and commercial websites, including Houzz and in the Computer Graphics and Animations magazine.  

Creating beautiful images that complement, enhance and improve interior spaces is my goal with each and every piece.

Handblown Glass Up Close

Unique macro photographs of handblown glass art; vases, ornaments, oil jars, glasses, plates and more.

Macro photography is the art of taking photos of really small subjects, in this case Handblown Glass Art. The technique that I use is to reverse a wide angle lens and get super close to the glass. About the width of a thumb and if you’re not careful you will focus in too closely and nudge the glass with your camera lens.

In order to arrive at a final piece of art, I take 7 photographs, each with a different exposure setting - from light to dark. Then I take the 7 images and process them with an HDR plugin in Photoshop. This plugin stitches the images together and allows you to choose the levels and settings for a final image. 

So I am capturing various levels of light and color and combining them into one glowing image that represents a full spectrum of both. This work is a direct fusion of light, spirituality and technology, that has always been inspired by what is visible AND invisible to the eye, and that which is elemental to surviving, thriving and transforming. 

Handblown Glass Studio
Macro Glass Photography
Glass Wall Art

Glass Wall Art Galleries

Spiritual energy glows from another place entirely in these art gallery pieces. The rays of light bring health, wellness and healing and are manifesting ideas, consciousness and inspiration. Bring them into your interior spaces and experience the transformational energy for yourself.

Abstract Glass Creations

Photos taken from a variety of medium sized round glass ornaments.

Peacock Vase

Photos taken from a very large multicolored vase with many colorful sections.

Crystal Ball

Photos taken from a melon sized glass ball that had an iridescent glaze.

Omaste Witkowski ~ The Art Drop Shop